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Let's go for the WALDNESS children's detectives!

Child-friendly accommodation with a playroom, children's portions and furniture adapted for children in the Familienalm. Spend comfortable and relaxing holidays with the whole family in the heart of the Almtal. Families are very important to us, so they shouldn't lack for anything!

Enter my discoveries here!


Hello! it's me Wanderpeter!

On a road to the Kasberg Almrunde! 

Task 1:

Describe an experience on the Kasberg Almrunde.

What you saw? What did you like the most?


Exercise 2:

Name at least two animal species that occur in the Almtal in the forests, the size doesn't matter!

Task 3:

Name three animals that you particularly liked at Cumberland Wildlife Park.

Task 4:

Name two or more tree species that occur in the Almtal. 

Optionally upload a picture of a nature experience in the Almtal or of leaves from the forest!

We show the best pictures with your nickname on our Facebook page!


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Detektiv Formular

Current results of the WALDNESS detectives


Super Detektiv

Super Detektiv

Task 1:

Viel Sonne, grüne Wiesen, Kuhglocken

Task 2:

Specht und Feldhase

Task 3:

Der große Bär und die vielen Wölfe haben mir sehr gefallen!

Task 4:

1. August 2022 um 08:31:29

Die Fichte und die Birke

Thanks for your detective work! We congratulate!

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