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Everything you need to know

Was ist WALDNESS? Erlebe selber WALDNESS im Urlaub!

The heart of WALDNESS is nature and making nature tangible . Our goal is to strengthen the body and strengthen the mind. With our trained and expert WALDNESS.Coaches, you will experience how to connect sensually with nature, gain insights into traditional craftsmanship and learn about forest herbs. In addition to education, WALDNESS gives the body its well-deserved rest/relaxation with open-air massages in nature, “Wyda”, the yoga of the Celts and the popular forest bathing.

suitable for children


"Forest air is a healing potion to breathe in!"

The Hochberghaus gives you what people want: get away from the stress of everyday life, stay away from disposable items and get back to nature .

It is precisely from them that we benefit for our health. The green of the grass and forests reduce stress and heartbeat, from which we draw our inner peace . The ethereal scent of the bushes and trees and the sound of the birds and leaves underline the stay in the fresh summer forest.

WALDNESS at the Hochberghaus Resort



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The WALDNESS.Program

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Wald-Wyda at wildly romantic forest places

Wyda, the yoga of the Celts brings energy, mobility and inner centeredness. The simple exercises calm the mind, train perception and concentration, release blockages, harmonize the flow of energy and intensify forest bathing.


Idyllic resting places to enjoy nature are always available on selected forest bathing routes.

Experience forest bathing and the forest school.

You will get an insight into the high art of forest management and the many positive effects of forests on us humans. An intensive and sensual nature time!

Forest Kneipp in the fairytale forest.

In the midst of a wonderful forest and water landscape you will get to know and appreciate the 5 pillars of Kneipp.

Forest pine bath

in a beautiful mountain landscape, guided hike through the forest and over alpine meadows to wildly romantic places on the Kasbergalm, Irreralm and at the Almsee. There you rest - equipped with a LayBag - surrounded by medicinal mountain pines.

Natural sauna

Wyda, the yoga of the Celts brings energy, mobility and inner centeredness. The simple exercises calm the mind, train perception and concentration, release blockages, harmonize the flow of energy and intensify forest bathing.

​​ Tip:

You are welcome to supplement the WALDNESS.program with additional WALDNESS.offers:

Visit to the Konrad Lorenz research center

Grünau wood walk

Birdwatching - On the snipe line

Hirschloser - deer.tubes.hear

Smoking with tree resin and local herbs

Tavern yodelling workshop

Offers from Naturschauspiel OÖ (all additional offers from 7 people on request)

Adventure tour in the Green Earth World




Nature guide to accompany you for individual forest bathing


forest school

With Fritz Wolf you will get to know the forest and its use and management.



Relax with Celtic yoga at invigorating places in the Almtal.

Experience WALDNESS every day

Between the guided program times or even if you are not here specifically for WALDNESS, you can use the time to get even more out of your WALDNESS vacation.

WALDNESS time-out packages 2022

The 4-day WALDNESS.Package includes the extensive program accompanied by WALDNESS.Coaches:

  • 3 nights with breakfast at the Hochberghaus

  • Forest walk and forest Wyda

  • Forest bathing and forest school with WALDNESS master Fritz Wolf

  • Mountain pine pool, yodelling and summit meetings

  • forest pubs

  • Free entry to Cumberland Wildlife Park (for the duration of your stay)

  • Guided tour through the Green Earth World in Pettenbach in the Almtal

  • Pleasure license for partner companies of Schmecktakulares Almtal

  • a WALDNESS.Lean weather patch (for the duration of your stay)

  • Snowshoe hike with forest bathing (incl. rental snowshoes)

The WALDNESS experiences are accompanied by selected WALDNESS coaches.


Relaxed forest resting places

Around the Hochberghaus and scattered all over the Kasberg there are many small resting and resting places, perfect for picnics and relaxing hours in the mountains of the Altmtal.

As part of the WALDNESS experience program, we also organize mountain tours on request that take you through nature up close.


In-house forest sauna

After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than a pleasant evening in the sauna. A good visit to the sauna is part of every WALDNESS experience.

The sauna is available to guests daily until 21:00. Please let us know 1 hour in advance so that we can prepare the sauna for you.


Stunning wildlife

As a WALDNESS participant, you also have the opportunity to visit the Cumberland Wildlife Park free of charge as often as you like at any time during your stay with us.


The park is located in the nearby town of Grünau and can be reached by the Traunstein taxi.


Hellmut Wittmann storyteller

Discover the legendary and mystical side of the Almtal when hiking with Helmut Wittmann on his famous "Sagenroas" to places where fairies and dwarves could still be.

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