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Wiewiórka ruda w jesiennej scenerii_edit

Your WALDNESS packages for summer vacation 2022

WALDNESS program

1 day  Welcome, WALDNESS drink/woodruff boules and introduction

Day 2 Program selection from WALD.Schule (forest pedagogy)

        or Cumberland Wildlife Park

Day 3 Program selection from WALD.Schule (forest pedagogy)

        or Cumberland Wildlife Park

4th day  completion and departure

suitable for children

Book packages now by email or by phone:!

+43 7616 8477

+43 664 230 1190

Grab our WALDNESS packages now!

"Forest air is a healing drink to breathe in!"

The heart of WALDNESS is to make nature and nature tangible . Our goal is to strengthen the body and strengthen the mind. With our trained and expert WALDNESS.Coaches you will experience a sensual connection with nature, gain insights into traditional craftsmanship and learn about forest herbs. In addition to education, WALDNESS gives the body its well-deserved rest / relaxation with open-air massages in nature, “Wyda”, the yoga of the Celts and the popular forest bathing.


The Hochberghaus gives you what people want: Get away from everyday stress, keep away from disposable items and return to nature .


It is precisely from this that we benefit for our health. The green of the grasses and forests reduce stress and heartbeat, from which we draw our inner peace. The ethereal scent of the bushes and trees and the chimes of the birds and leaves underline the stay in the summer forest freshness.


Resting Spots At Summits & Forests

There are all around Hochberghaus and Kasberg revitalising and atmospheric places to rest, chill and have a picnic. We do guided mountain hikes at your request.


Breathtaking Animal Kingdom

Experience the wildlife of Almtal inside the Cumberland animal-park for free during a stay at Hochberghaus.



After a long and exhausting day awaits our sauna to bring the desired rest at evening.


Helmut Wittmann


Discover the legendary and mystic side of Amtal, as Helmut Wittmann takes you on his "Sagenroas" (legend loop trail) to places, where fairys and dwarfs might still live.

(linked site only in german)

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