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Raindrop Massage


Aromatherapy Massage


Douaa El Issawi

The aromatherapy massage is a special form of herbal medicine that uses 100% natural essential oils to maintain physical and mental health. Our essential massages can contribute to physical and energetic balance and increase well-being.

I wish you intense and deep relaxation

with their
aromatherapy massage!

Douaa El Issawi

Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage

Feet - back - neck & head


During the Raindrop treatment, highly effective, essential oils are applied
dripped down the spine to take effect there. With a special
Touch technique, the oils are smuggled into the skin.
Different purification channels are opened by special massage techniques. In this way, toxins can be removed from the body and the entire immune system can be strengthened. 

The muscles are relaxed, tension and adhesions in the tissue are erased.
This treatment uses 11 specially coordinated essences.

60 mins


Amazon Stones Massage

Face, neck and décolleté, feet and legs,

Hands and arms, back and shoulders


Feel transferred into the jungle of the Amazon: With its variety of plants and animals, smells and sounds, the Amazon Raindrop application appeals to all of your senses.
The muscles of the entire body are loosened from head to toe, relaxed and better supplied with blood.
The entire body is brought into balance and your energy flow is balanced.
The application takes place with 9 essential oils, hot basalt, cold marble and pink quartz stones.

70 mins



Support for the immune system


Especially in times when our immune system is under great strain, we only think of the first waves of colds in autumn and winter. Aromatherapy can provide strong symptom relief and support the body in its self-healing.

The smell and the associated absorption of the oil has a wonderful effect on the endocrine system in the brain. The oils are gently massaged into parts of the body and thus the “energy field” of your body is first stimulated by the essences. Essential oils can relieve pain, promote wound healing, promote blood circulation, relax muscles, have antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and caring effects.


Energetic Effect of the Effleurage

Release blockages slowly and gently

The gentle grip of the effleurage causes an emotional detachment and expansion of the astral body. In doing so, the client has the opportunity to free himself more easily from already pending emotions. The blockages can be relaxed slowly and with gentle movements.

The name "Raindrop" comes from the type of application in which the natural, essential oils are gently dripped onto the back - like raindrops.


Beauty Balance Energetic Massage

Face - neck - décolleté

Ritual cleansing, massage with serum.
With natural creams and essential oils, the décolleté, neck and face are gently kneaded with handles of the Effleurage in the most pleasant way.

30 min



Waldness - Massage

Relaxing full body massage with oils from forest trees and flowers


Loving, relaxing full body massage from head to toe. With warm and fragrant essences, the muscles of the entire body are relaxed and better supplied with blood.
The massage is carried out outdoors.
Treatment with 4 essential oils from forest trees and flowers.
Feet & legs, hands & arms, back & neck.

45 mins



Believe in Yourself - Massage

Feet & toes, arms & hands, back, décolleté & neck

Emotions influence every aspect of our being and thereby have a direct impact on our behavior and the way we think.
The use of essential oils in the energy centers stimulates the chakras and brings them back into harmony.
A massage for connoisseurs with 4 essences.

45 mins



Foot Impulse Reflex Massage Method

Pleasant relaxation from your feet!

The foot massage stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and relieves pain. By applying a targeted grip to the corresponding areas combined with essential oils one can achieve the dissolution of blockages in the system!

Three relaxing essences are used.

30 min



Energetic Raindrop Massage

Supine and prone positions  


Forgiveness, Harmony, Inner Child, Here and Now, Mental Let Loose and Courage are the special essential oils used in this application.
You use various rituals to bring the entire body into a healthy balance.
Body, mind and soul come into the right balance and the energy is brought into the right flow. The application is carried out with 6 coordinated essential oils.

35 mins


Children & Adolescents Raindrop Massage

Strengthen belief in what is good in people

The high-quality, natural vegetable oils promote inner balance and well-being. For children and adolescents from 6 to 16 years to recharge their batteries & build self-confidence in order to be able to cope with the often stressful situations. Good for concentration. It is made with 7 specially coordinated essences


Treatment area: feet, back

35 mins



Raindrop Aromatherapy
Massage & Beauty

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