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Almsee, Ödseen, rivers and melting water puddles in the summer

During hot summer days you will experience a fantastic stay with your family at crystal-clear waters by the lakes of Almsee, Ödsee, at riverbanks of the river Alm or in the open-air bath.

Enjoy the sun at the inviting gravel beaches! For adventurous swimmers there are some elusive meltwater streams, only available at certain times for icecold Kneipp- and swimming fun!


barren lakes

Both lakes of Ödseen are less known than the Almsee, therefore being more tranquil as its more visited neighbour. Its accessible through narrow streets through the forest, they offer the perfect and peaceful swimming place.


The Almsee is by far the biggest and best known lake of Almtal. Directly accessible by the main street on different points around its banks.


The pasture

The Alm is a river originating from the Almsee and runs through on end to the other of Almtal towards north. On many places its possible to bath or walk through its riverbed. A pleasently refreshing experience!

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