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Cumberland Wildlife Park

The Cumberland Wildlife Park Grünau in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut!

The Cumberland Wildlife Park Grünau impresses, among other things, with its unique scenic location. The mighty natural backdrop of the Dead Mountains offers the impressive setting for a visit that will be remembered forever! The park spreads over around 60 hectares and offers an unforgettable insight into the world of the native wildlife.

Ibex, red deer, bison, or lynx, brown bear and wolves can be experienced and observed here up close. The free-living flocks of greylag geese, ravens and northern bald ibis are particularly impressive.

Guests who book a WALDNESS special package receive free entry to the park (included). Alternatively, there is a 25% discount for Salzkammergut Card holders.  So you can explore the wildlife park to your heart's content!

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suited for children

Cumberland Animal Park opening hours


Open daily

09:00 - 17:00

(Exit possible until 7:00 p.m.)

Creates entertainment for the whole family

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